• 4-D System NASA

    4-D Systems or HOW NASA BUILDS TEAMS

    Lift your team performance to the next level
    by measuring and improving the 8 KEY human behaviors

    The 4-D System for high-performance teams was created by Dr. Charles Pellerin – former Director of NASA’s department of Astrophysics. This concept has been used by NASA since 2001 to guarantee successful project completion by appropriately handling the invisible force of the social context affecting human behaviors. Until today, over 1000 teams from various sectors and industries have been enhancing their performance with the help of this system.

  • Mindful leader

    GOOD TO GREAT, work for mastery

    The good leader is a master of skills, the Great Leader is like a Jedi - a master of skills and mind.

    Our RAINBOW program supports good leaders to jump up to the next level, becoming great leaders by simultaneously mastering their leadership skills (we call this - LeaderSHIFT) and their ability to consciously manage the mind in critical and stressful situations (we call this MINDfulness).

  • Mindfulness

    for top performance and right decisions

    The first step to getting stress under control is to understand yourself and to re-arrange your priorities in the "Real You" function and your new work-life balance by taking into consideration your goals, mission, beliefs, blockers, fears, emotions, intuition and subconsciousness.

  • Leadership skills

    of your personal leadership skills

    Our soft skills mastery programs with solution-focused coaching are highly effective for those who want to realise the greater aspects of their own potential and personal effectiveness.

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Mindful Leadership and Mastery

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The next generation of LEADERSHIP

UniverseFlow is a company specializing in building high performance teams, leadership skills and motivation of the social aspects of the work environment based on the 4-D System used by NASA and solution-focused coaching approach.

Our mission is to support business leaders who want to find their true inner potential and to use their strengths to achieve outstanding professional and personal success.

We do this by using solution-focused coaching approach. These techniques are among the most powerful tools for supporting leaders and teams in the fastest and most efficient way as thay embark on realising their true potential.

How NASA Builds Teams?

4-D System - control human behaviors

This journey began in 1990, when Charlie Pellerin (the 4-D creator) was in his eighth year leading the Hubble Space Telescope development team in NASA. When the team launched the world’s most anticipated telescope they discovered that it had a flawed mirror. The Failure Review Board reported the root cause - “Leadership Failure”. Charlie then mounted Hubble’s space repair mission, and shortly after he dedicated himself to understanding how social forces affect people and teams.
This was how the 4-D System was born.

4-D Performance Accelerators

The 4-D System is a tool for measurement and control of human behaviors. It defines 8 key behaviors that affect people's and teams performance. With the help of 4-D Development Accelerators (web-based tools) it is possible to measure all key behaviors and to attribute a value to each one of them. By repeating this measurement in time we could track the progress of human development and define learning and development programs.

  • 4-D System, How NASA Builds Teams
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It's a funny thing about life;
if you refuse to accept anything but the best,
you very often get it.
Somerset Maugham

Our Clients

  • Toyota
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Trust, Commitment, Partnership

We build our customer relationships based on values - TRUST, COMMITMENT and PARTNERSHIP.

The TRUST allows us to establish open, transparent and emotional relations with people and teams.

Our COMMITMENT to the process strengthens the security of our clients that they have a reliable partner in their journeys to change.

The PARTNERSHIP unlocks the motivation and the belief for success.

Our services

"I >> WE" Transformation

The "I >> WE" TRANSFORMATION is a process of evolution of thinking from "I" as an INDIVIDUAL towards "WE" as a TEAM, combined with building an optimal team structure and development of motivating social environment that unlocks the hidden human potential.

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Highly efficient approach for creating and developing innovative leaders. Our RAINBOW - LeaderSHIFT through MINDfulness> program is a unique combination of achieveing mastery in leadership skills (LEADERSHIFT) and practices for effective stress control and clear mindedness (MINDFULNESS).

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Team Performance Boosting

Our development programs for teams are organized and implemented in accordance with the 4-D System (How NASA Builds Teams) and AGILE principles – in other words, we believe that by conscientious planning, efficient coordination and motivating social environment your rewards will speak for themselves.

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AGILE Development for IT teams

Our AGILE Development Programs support IT teams and companies to optimize their software production processes based on AGILE-principles and SCRUM-methodology combined with a solution-focused coaching approach.

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"The Real I" profile diagnostic

Our "The Real I" profile diagnostic offers a unique tool for every team or project leader for an effective individual approach to a relationship with any given member of the team. This profile is a full snapshot of an individual's personality and qualities allowing a deeper understanding of how the person behaves and reacts in different situations.

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Soft Skills Mastery Programs

Our soft skills mastery programs with solution-focused coaching are highly effective for those who want to realise in full what they are capable of achieving in their people management skills and leadership capabilities.

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Have the courage to follow
your heart and intuition. They somehow know
what you truly want to become.
Steve Jobs

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We cannot solve our problems with the same
thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

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